sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name..




Bikes / Coffee / Family

In the foothills of Milton's XXXX brewery, and directly beside The Pedaler Cyclery, we have created a cafe which functions in harmony with our existing space.  We are a bike friendly cafe at our core, and encourage all of the Brisbane cycling community to consider us as a club house for their post ride brew.  Of course we also welcome all of our local '4064' businessmen and women to drop in for their daily caffeine fix. 

We are very fortunate to have good friends at Fonzie Abbott who have hooked us up with the finest coffee beans whilst also giving us an insight into their roasting expertise.  Our cafe team is made up of a number of skilled and bubbly baristas, with cafe manager and head barista Sally Yabsley at the mast. 

4064 also offers a small amount of complementary sweet and savoury goods, including locally baked muffins, pastries, cookies and a handful of healthy and vegan options.  Get around it Brisbane.

Cafe opening hours

Mon - Fri 6am till lunch

Closed Sat - Sun