Kit Raising for East Timor

As some of you know Eve is heading to East Timor and India on Sep 15th for 2 stage races. In conjunction with this she has been asked to be an advisor for the Indian Himalayan team helping with race advice, recovery, nutrition ect. 

In her own words, Eve descibes the typical battles facing riders from East Timor.

"The people of East Timor are not fortunate like us. They don't have access to good food, good water or even good shelter, there is a lot of poverty. Needless to say they do not have the income to buy simple things like bike shorts which we take for granted and race food or even spare tubes. And yet they ride for 5 - 9 days 80 - 100km per day on bikes - which to our standard - are not fit for that kind of thing. The use hand me down clothing and some had no shoes! They did not complain, because they were so happy just to be able to ride with the international riders and for their country. Very proud!

So I would like to help out a little and send over some gear. Maybe you have old kits lying around, or spare parts, pumps, water bottles, etc. Chrissy Conyers is donating a bike she won at Hidden Vale Adventure Park. 

So pop into the Pedaler with your "bits" and I will send them off to those in need to make their riding a little more comfortable. Also looking for money donations to help with the shipment, we will set up an online account for this."

Latest Shop Kit Lands and gets about its business

With the upcoming Queensland Road Series kicking off in June, we decided a reincarnation of the famous Black / White Shop Kit was required for our Elite Mongrel Squad.  A homage to the past as we step forward into the future of The Pedaler / COBRA9 Racing.  It's also a shout out to the quality community around us.  The hardly souls who grace the misty steeps of Cootha every Tuesday getting those sweet sweet gains.  Based on the famous Molteni Team Jersey, we're pretty stoked on the outcome.  The Pedaler and the 4064.  

Available to BUY now

Cheers Adrian for the design and Attaquer for the threads.

Riders Nick, Jordan, Mitch and Nathan

Photo Cyclebro

Cobra9 Intebuild X Attaquer Race Kit available for a limited time only

We are pretty stoked to announce a limited run of the popular C9 x Attaquer Race Kit for 2017. There have been a lot of folk keen to get their hands on a set, so we felt it appropriate to offer it up to our mates and followers.  This will be the only time it is released for sale.  


C9 X ATQ 2017 Race Kit BUY NOW

Pre order closes in 2 weeks.  Jump on to our online store and get around it.  Afterpay available as per all our online products.




Hunter Bros Pop Up @ The Pedaler

Over the last few years we noticed this bespoke brand emerging out of Melbourne with the cool stylised art emblazoned on Italian kits.  The company consists of brothers Hal and Ray, and their father James.  Each member of the family brings a different strength to the brand.  See more of their back story here.

All the designs look and feel like the alleyways and boards of Melbourne's Cycling Landscape. The vivid colours and powerful designs are both visually striking and instantly iconic.  In a rare departure from the common design process in cycling apparel, every design and detail is hand drawn.  The core art based around tattoo motifs look clean but become mesmerising when compiled into an overall design.

With The Pedaler's permanent and ongoing influence from Attaquer emanating out of Sydney, Hunter Bros, provides instead a tasty insight into the Melbourne cycling culture for the kit hungry Brisbane masses.  


We will have a strong and diverse range including the recently released Daggers Ltd Ed Kit.  We will have no holds, no Laybys and no discounts on this range.  10 days only for a start.  Drop in, give us your feedback and taste the happy, Michael. Taste the happy.

The popular Attaquer Core and All Day range is now restocked and available

The new range from Attaquer which sold out quickly when first released has now been restocked.  Now is the time to get your spring kit dialled in.  Drop in and get sized.  If we haven't got what you want in store, we'll get it in for you and throw in a free pair of socks or a kiss from JPed for your troubles.*

*only on full kit purchases.  You can still get a kiss from JPed even if you get some socks.

(Dave is the meat in a brutally handsome sandwich)

Latest Collaboration between Attaquer and The Athletic // 'Bande de Filles'

Bande de Filles

In a time of routine collaborations between brands across the cycling, it's refreshing to see a unique female orientated concept emerge under the steam of Attaquer and The Athletic. Bande de Filles, which translates to 'girl gang' or 'girl band', is the brain child of Julie Krasniak and the lads from Attaquer.  The designs developed in conjunction with designer Rachel Peck finesse the thin line between sportswoman, role model and brand ambassador.  See the full article from The Athletic here or the down low from Attaquer here.

The outsome is a range of products that look very cool and are a perfect fit for all the brands involved.  The female only kit looks subtle but striking.  The colour palate also blends nicely across the range of products.  In an industry saturated with countless male orientated kits, this collaboration marks a subtle deviation towards the female aesthetic.  It does this without falling victim to the pure woman's specific approach that ostracises the many with cliched patterns and colour palates.  With so many guys asking if this kit will be released in a male cut, you could argue the tables have been neatly turned.

In an industry saturated with countless male orientated kits, this collaboration marks a subtle deviation towards the female aesthetic.


As an official stockist of both Attaquer and The Athletic, The Pedaler will be carrying a selection from the range including bidons, socks and women's specific kit.  The socks and bidons landed today and look the business.  As soon as the kit arrives in store, we'll let you know.  Drop by and have a browse.

Nathan White


Attaquer Core Launch 2016 - More Photos Emerge - Stock Guarantee

More photos of the new Core range have been released and they look tasty.  We have ordered a shed load of gear, but if we've sold out of your size or style on Friday or Saturday, we'll make it up to you by hooking you up with a free pair of Cobra9 Socks when your kit arrives in store to make it right.  It's The Pedaler's way of paying it forward.  Get stuck in and enjoy.  

Bunch ride departs 6am Friday.  Easy hour guaranteed.  Brews from Odyssey Project.

Brush Stroke Core 

Race Day Black

Core Chilli

New Attaquer Lands Soon - All New core range on the way.

We are only a few weeks away from the new range of Attaquer hitting the shelves.  We have been very lucky to preview the range in Sydney and it's quite special.  A few neat little technical improvements paired with some epic new designs.


We will be running a release party for the new gear including an open invite to a pre launch ATQ / The Pedaler Bunchie (as it will be a morning reveal).  Keep an eye of Instagram and Facebook for more details.  


The Pedaler, where more Attaquer is never quite enough.