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Benefits of being a 'Pedaler' Patient.

If you're lucky enough to be one of our special podiatry/orthotic clients and your feet reside at our 'macabre' storage facility, then you're set for life.  All of our orthotic customers are able to organise a second set of orthotics for no out of pocket expense if they have applicable health insurance.  


Simply make a time to see us and we can ensure that we have your prescription and needs met, then we can fabricate and get your new orthotics out to you within a few days.  This may be a set of walking, running or cycling orthotics.  

This may be a set of walking, running or cycling orthotics


If you're unsure regarding your entitlements, contact your Private Health Fund today and make sure you are getting the most from your coverage.

Call us for more details.  If you aren't an existing client of ours, then rest assured, once you are part of The Pedaler family, you too will be entitled to the same generous treatment.

The Pedaler Cares.  Your LBS and LPP (Local Podiatry Practice).