Position Optimization Fit (Bioracer Frontal Aero Tool) $350 (2-2.5hrs)


Bike Fit-2.JPG


This service is for those looking to fine tune an already optimal bike fit by trialling different helmets, bars, hand, forearm and head positions and receive immediate feedback as to what equipment and position is the most effective in reducing the athletes frontal area and drag.

A detailed Musculoskeletal Screening will be completed during this appointment to identify areas that impact on the cyclists’ ability to achieve and hold an optimal aerodynamic position.

The athlete end position will be one that can be supported by ‘off bike’ exercises to facilitate flexibility, mobility and strength that will enable the athlete to develop strength in the current position and work towards improvements on this in the future.

Position Optimization is an ongoing process and often involves the athlete training in the position to develop strength while also completing an ‘off bike’ program

After this initial appointment the cyclist has the opportunity to use the Bioracer Frontal Area tool during a training session to provide immediate feedback and assist with the development of strength in the new position.