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photo @cyclebro


Ridley bikes

Tested on pave #beTOUGH

In early 2017 we started carrying and selling Ridley.This Belgian Bike Brand is well known for building fast quality bikes tested on the world biggest stage with Pro team Lotto Soudal.


While there are many bike brands around in the market, Ridley has a few significant benefits.  Firstly, lets run you through the options

Ridley Noah (Jane)

The fastest of the fast.  This aero bike is a race machine through and through.  Available in the Noah and Noah SL version (the SL being slightly lighter and incorporating a aero fan front fork).  


Ridley Fenix (Liz)

The endurance race frame designed to give you a more comfortable ride while still delivering expert handling and stiffness.  The choice of the  Lotto Soudal Team for the Belgian Classics.

Ridley Helium (Aura)

This lightweight frame is light enough to be a pure climbing machine, but plenty stiff and responsive enough to be your choice of day in day out weapon.  Available also in a lighter SLX version shaving off even further precious grams.


All these beautiful bikes come as frame only of complete build options.  We are also able to substitute in all manner of wheel sets from Corima to set your bike apart.

The kicker in the equation is the PURELINE colour option.  For only a small additional fee, we can make your Ridley a real piece of art.  Full bespoke custom colour options paired with decals and multiple logo options.  Let us help design and set you up on your own masterpiece.