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photo - wonderbox photography


Wurkstand / Attaquer

The Pedaler tribute kit

In March 2016 our close friend Steve Small was killed by a drunk driver while riding his bike home from work.  Steve was the creator of Wurkstand and the much loved Soigneur at Cobra9 Intebuild Racing. He leaves behind an unfinished legacy in Wurkstand, and a son without a father.

The sheer injustice of this event is staggering.  Whilst we can never replace what has been taken, we can do our bit to help his family rebuild.  Along with our mates at Attaquer, we have created a special edition, one off Wurkstand/Soigneur Tribute Kit with all profits going to Steve's son Oscar.  He needs to know that the cycling world will remember who his Dad was, and not focus on what took him away.

Details on this kit will be released shortly.  Keep an eye on The Pedaler and Attaquer for more news.