The Pedaler

Nail Surgery


If you suffer from ongoing pain around the nail fold and routine infections, then having a permanent solution should be considered. Unfortunately, many suffer from prolonged and extensive infections before seeking assistance as they are scared of surgery.

Thankfully our nail surgery technique is less invasive than older procedures and is also a lot less painful. Recovery times are shorter as well, with many clients able to return to work within one to two days.

Typically, surgery for a persistent ingrown nail is quite simple and relatively pain free. The anaesthetic block around the digit is the only uncomfortable portion of the procedure and when good technique is used, the injection is never as bad as you think.

The procedure usually takes around 60 minutes from start to finish with minimal management required post procedure. We screen all nail surgery clients prior to their surgical appointment. If you have been suffering from painful ingrown nails. make the time to see us for a permanent solution.


1. I'll lose my entire nail.

Not true. In many cases the post procedure nail looks almost normal. If more extensive revision is required, your Podiatrist will discuss this with you.

2. It will hurt.

Not true. Once anaesthesia is achieved, the procedure is pain free. Even the post nerve block sensation is quite tolerable with minimal pain management required.

3. It will grow back.

Not true. Good technique and chemical cauterizing ensures no regrowth.

4. I need to go to hospital to have it done.

Not true. We manage nail surgery at our rooms in a comfortable, time and cost effective manner.

So if you are suffering from this scourge, give us a call and we will run through the process with you. We have been operating on clients for 16 years from the ages of 8 to 80. Don't panic, it can be fixed, once and for all.