The Pedaler



Orthotic therapy is a frequently used modality in Podiatry. The basis for the use of orthoses in your case will be discussed with you during your consultation with your podiatrist. Think of orthotic therapy as a tool you use alongside other physical therapy modalities to improve your condition and function.

Generally, orthotic therapy is used where the load on tissues in the foot or lower leg needs to be altered. This is not to be confused with the notion of 'alignment' whereby an orthotic device is designed to hold a body in a certain position. There is little evidence to support this concept and it’s not one we subscribe to at The Pedaler.

The Pedaler is one of the few remaining practices that still has its own offsite orthotic lab. This allows us the freedom to design and if required, redesign solutions for our patients as their needs change. We focus on slim fitting carbon orthotic devices that avoid bulking out shoes and impeding proper shoe fit. A quality orthotic device is one that achieves its design purpose whilst not compromising your shoe.

The Pedaler also has a special focus on the construction of cycling orthoses. Our company owned business 'COBRA9 Cycling Orthotics' designs and shapes slim fitting cycling specific options for all our clients and for many interstate Podiatrists as well. Our cycling orthotic devices are specially designed to fit the dimensions of your cycling shoe and work on problems that are often unique to cycling.

If you think you require orthotic therapy, then make the time to see one of our podiatrists for an assessment and discussion about your biomechanical issues.