The leaders in cycling orthotics

The Cobra9 is a cycling specific orthotic in both custom and off the shelf variants.  Established in 2008, we are the leaders in cycling orthotics providing solutions to athletes from club level to the Professional Peloton.  

The Cobra9 Pro is a prescription orthotic for cycling and as such, is claimable against applicable private health insurance.  Check with us for more details.  All Cobra9 Pro clients will require and appointment with one of our specialist Podiatrists.  No GP referral is required.  


We have been at the forefront of Cycling Orthotics, helping cyclists become more comfortable in their shoes and getting more from their riding.  As part of that process, we hand craft and build cycling orthotics for cyclists of all skill levels.

Drop by and talk to us about Cobra9 Cycling Orthotics today.  We are the HQ for Australia and have 2 onsite podiatrists able to help you with your needs.