Choosing the right shoe for you

This is a toughie.  We pride ourselves on being able to help fit cycling shoes to the trickiest of feet, and there are some doozies out there.  It comes down to knowing what each shoes provides and how this effects the foot.

Not all shoes are created equal and no two feet are the same.  When we meet a pair of feet at The Pedaler, our Podiatrists will normally check a few important indicators.

Size - Easy to check with a Brannock device.

Width - Easy to check with a Brannock device.

Mobility - How mobile or immobile is the foot.

Foot type - Cavoid, Planus, skewed or twisted forefoot

Heel to Forefoot width difference - Some feet are like a rectangle, other more like a wedge.

Location of bunions (protuberances) and other lumpy bits

Toe shape (square or pointed)

History of pathology (pain, numbness etc)

Level of Cycling 

Once we have established the foot type we are dealing with, then we can commence finding the best footwear solution.  As you can see, there is a lot more to it then throwing on some shoes and walking around the shop.  


If we don't think the shoe will work with your foot type, then we just won't recommend it.  We are always building our library of shoe options for tricky feet and if we don't have it, we will get it in for you.

Once we have selected the right shoe for your foot type and activity level, we will then fit your cleats correctly.  This is just as important to prevent unnecessary forefoot loading complications.

Of course, we then have a huge array of socks to pair with those shoes.  Which colour?  That's a whole different blog.