Buying a Bike at The Pedaler


we always take a thorough approach to new bike purchases At the pedaler, 

regardless of your budget.

We start with your current bike, on which you will receive a fit assessment from our in house Physio, Anouska. From this, we can make note of any major differences between your old bike, and your desired new bike. Frame sizes are not all created equal, and it is important that we consider that you may not fit the same frame size across different brands. A great example is Colnago's range, a 52s has a 54cm Centre to Centre top tube, so if you are riding a 52cm frame and are looking at a Colnago, you may be better on a 50s, which has a 52cm Centre to Centre top tube.  

Upon assessing your former position, we will also determine measurements for your stem length, bar width, seat post set back, saddle type, crank length and pedal offset. To determine these, we look at flexibility, riding style and ultimately what you want to be getting out of the bike. After that, we order your new frame. 

When your new frame-set arrives in store, we give our customers the option to build it up with our 3T test range. This allows us to look at you on your new bike, and make any changes that we see fit, without coming to the awkward realisation that the stem we thought would work for you, does not....  We then recommend our customers spend a week doing some real world testing of their new bike, and once you are happy with your fit, we can tie off the minor details of your build. We have found that this approach is the most effective way to ensure tour customers are always comfortable on their new bikes. 

Building dream machines for our clients is the most enjoyable and fulfilling job we undertake at The Pedaler, and all of them start as ideas that needs finessing.  Have a chat to us at The Pedaler and experience the comprehensive and personalised approach that we are well known for.