father's day

Father's Day at The Pedaler

We're all Dads here at The Pedaler, well, one of us is that we know of.  We know what it's like to get crappy presents.  I've had my share of oversized t shirts and stacks of lollies.  I wish my family had bought me gear from The Pedaler.  That's why we created The Pedaler.  To end sh#tty present giving once and for all.

We will be running a different special every day in the week leading up to Father's Day.  On top of this, you spend over a hundy, and you get a free Pedaler t shirt for extra kudos.  If it's too hard, get a voucher and be done with it real quick.

If you call us and order the $100 voucher, we'll even wrap your free T Shirt and you can pick it up. Job done.


The Pedaler cares.........about your Dad.  So should you.