YES, we make running orthotics!!

We are well known for hand crafting cycling orthotic solutions for all athletes from Pros to weekend warriors. Our off site Northern Suburbs Orthotic Lab allows us the freedom to create all types of unique solutions for cyclists and yes, also for runners as well.

Our access to the Carbon Lab at our facility means we can create light weight dynamic ‘Pure Carbon Fibre’ running orthotics for intermediate / advanced runners and also a mixed Carbon / EVA version for beginner / intermediate runners who may be a little heavier.

The main benefits of using Carbon Fibre as the core material of a running orthotic are

  • light weight

  • excellent stiffness and memory

  • very low volume

  • snappy dynamic return to shape properties

  • improved foot feel

There Is a good reason why Nike are using Carbon plates in the midsoles of their latest trainers.

The only trade offs for Carbon over Plastic is the materials are more expensive (that’s our problem, not yours) and that the life span of a carbon device is closer to 12 months. Whilst this isn’t as long as a standard plastic polypropylene version, it does provide far better foot feel over the life of its use and with our standard No Gap policy on 2nd sets, you won’t be out of pocket when you replace them anyway in most cases.

If you’re looking for a more dynamic lightweight solution for your running issues, make a time to discuss your needs and issues with us at The Pedaler and let us work with you to create a unique cutting edge solution.

The Pedaler Labs


The Pedaler Orthotic Lab // No gap on your 2nd set of orthotics.

When we moved locations from Brisbane's Northside to Milton last year, we decided that one of the most important components of our new layout would be an onsite orthotic lab.

Over time, more and more podiatry practices have started to outsource their orthotic work. We firmly believe that your Podiatrist needs to be on hand to make those important decisions regarding your orthotic prescription when your orthotics start to take shape.  


With a lot of help from our friends at Milan Construction, we designed a sound proof (almost) orthotic lab to be build right in the centre of our new business.  This allows us to design, build and modify all our walking and cycling orthotics onsite.  It also gives us scope to build whatever we want whenever we want it.

We also store all of our foot molds for future use and replication.  All of our clients who have prescription orthotics are entitled to fund only orthotics in each subsequent calendar year after their initial prescription.  That means no gap orthotics for those that have applicable health insurance*.  We can then create bespoke options for more unusual footwear or replicate existing designs to make your morning rituals less of a hassle.

Make a time to see us today and see what kind of magic we can build for you.  

*some conditions apply