EOFY Health Funds Reminder - Use it before you lose it

Carbon Fibre Orthotics for running and cycling

Carbon Fibre Orthotics for running and cycling

It’s approaching Jun 30 and for those with health funds that turnover at the end of the financial year, now is the time to ensure you get that last massage, physio, dietetics or podiatry appointment in before it resets again on Jul 1.

It’s also a good time to remind our loyal clients that everyone who has had orthotic therapy with us previously is entitled to one fund only (no gap) set of orthotics a year using the same foot molds. If you are in doubt, fire us an email and we can let you know when you last reviewed with us for your cycling, walking, running or pressure relief orthotics.

If you are after a second set, contact us with your name, details and orthotic request and we can ensure we have the whole process finalised before June 30. If you have other queries, call us on 07 31296331.

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