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Buying a Bike - The Pedaler Process

Harry Dennis

Harry Dennis

The cycling industry is awash with incredible deals on great quality bikes. There is also a huge second hand market flooded with proper weapons.  It truly is a buyers market with access to deals and bikes across a range of platforms.


You can walk in to any concept store and buy a top of the line bike often for heavily discounted prices. They come out of a factory, already half assembled, with the same bar, stem, tyres, saddles, cranks. While you get a whole lot of bike for your buck, the client has very little control over the types of the components included or the sizes of these elements. You save money by buying a bike built for a generalised geometry driven by industry standards. 

Harry Dennis

Harry Dennis


At 'The Pedaler', we understand the appeal of this and we appreciate it provides certain fiscal and quality related benefits.  The quality of bikes available through this network has never been better and there are some super shops selling some beautiful rigs.

Nick Woods

Nick Woods

However, we believe an alternative process should be available to the client.  When buying a bike through 'The Pedaler', you are in control of the entire process. Everything from the choice of tubes through to the frame colour is a decision to be made by the client. We also work closely with the best bike fitters in Queensland to ensure that all the parts of the bike are perfectly suited to you and your riding style.

Harry Dennis

Harry Dennis

We are aware that we are not always able to compete based purely on price point for some components given the discounting afforded the larger chains and their strong relationships with certain companies.  With that in mind, we are openly transparent regarding the build cost break down and strive to get you the exact bike you want.  This may mean sourcing rare components or items to help make your bike unique.  We strive to get you the bike you want at a fair and reasonable price.  Every build we complete is unique and every client gets the same care and attention along the way.  

Once your bike is ready, we encourage you to take it for a test ride alongside our Pedaler / Cobra9 Elite Squad. Take the opportunity to get a few tips and enjoy a brew with some of Queensland's best and most promising road cyclists.

Every build we complete is unique and every client gets the same care and attention along the way.
Nathan White

Nathan White


The trio of bike brands we carry, Ridley, Colnago and Johnson, are all companies we have 100% faith in. They are very different, and yet similar at the same time. All brands create aesthetically beautiful bikes and back that up with a high level of performance. Ridley allows us the freedom to choose custom paint and designs, and incorporate the full group set into the builds to make the price point remarkably competitive.

Colnago is one of the oldest and most well known brands on the market with a place in the industry untouched by other contemporary players. 

Johnson is one of the newest and most exciting brands to emerge in the boutique space and comes locally from the Sunshine state.

All brands create aesthetically beautiful bikes and back that up with a high level of performance.

I am excited about building dream machines for our clients.  Every dream machine starts as an idea.  A concept that needs finessing.  Have a chat to us at 'The Pedaler' and experience the comprehensive and personalised approach that we are well known for.



Words - Josh P.



Featherlight Wheels. Test drive them today.

We are very impressed with the new Featherlight Wheels out of the Johnson Bike Company. They look incredible and ride fast yet light for a carbon clincher.  This is what Benny had to say for these amazing wheels.

 We are hugely proud of what we've been able to achieve with our Featherlight wheels. Over the past few years, in what has become a flooded market, we wanted to do something special with our new range of wheels to set us apart from the rest... New moulds, new, incredibly advanced building techniques, a partnership with White Industries and a new 280 degree patented resin - that we use throughout the complete construction on the wheel - I feel we have produced one of the best boutique wheels on the market.

Even the carbon weaving process has been refined.

We purchase the carbon in single strands fibres, then weave the carbon fibre strands with a patented 280 degree resin - exclusive to our factory.

We have been test driving them for the last month and have noticed how rapidly these wheels spin up even on steeper inclines.  

We want you to experience what we have been lucky enough to ride since February.   Both the 60mm Zephyr and the 38mm Elysian are in store and ready to be test ridden today.  Drop by and take them for a spin.  


Elysian (38mm) $2599 Clincher (1590grams)

Zephyr (50mm) $2649 Clincher (1460grams)

Also available in Disc format.

Further Wheel specifications can be found here


*Deposit and Credit Card details must be provided prior to test ride.  Subject to Availability.  

Johnson Esquire SL - New Bike Day // New 'The Pedaler' Brands

words / photos - Josh Prete

Born and raised in Noosa by the enigmatic ex-professional cyclist Ben Johnson, we give you the Johnson Esquire SL. Benny has poured his heart and soul into his Johnson frames and his Featherlight range of wheels. Trust me, the results speak for themselves.


As well as being aesthetically pleasing, the Esquire SL is a lightweight frame with uncompromising handling and comfort.  The frameset incorporates oversized box section tubing on the chainstay and downtube, which makes the frame responsive and balanced. 

The rear stay uses 'Thinstay Compliance' technology which ensures that the ride is still buttery smooth, while still being stiff when you are laying down the watts.

Don't let it's stunning good looks fool you, this is a proper world class race machine.

We will be stocking the full range of Johnson Frames and Featherlight Wheels through The Pedaler.  Exciting times.